4-6 Week Embryo

Weeks 4-6  First Trimester I am only 4 weeks old, and the size of a small pea. Right now God
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6-8 Week Embyo

Weeks 6-8 I am now growing very rapidly and am the size of a small bean. Brain cells and nerve
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10-12 Week Embryo

Weeks 10-12   End of the First Trimester and the Embryonic Stage I look like a real baby now!  My back
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13-16 Week Fetus

Weeks 13-16   Second Trimester and Fetal Stage I am really growing!   I am about 5 inches long now. My head is
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20-22 Week Fetus

Weeks 20-22 I am at the halfway mark in my development. I weigh just over a pound and am 12
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22-24 Week Fetus

I am at a landmark stage of development. It is now possible for me to survive outside of the womb
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26-30 Week Fetus

Weeks 26-30   Third Trimester         My lungs are completing their formation so it is now probable for me to
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36-40 Week Fetus

36-40 weeks So much is happening to prepare me to meet my mommy. I will gain over 2 more pounds this
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Exhibit Overview

Life Has Many Stages. These babies in the womb are at different stages of development, a growth path every one
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