26-30 Week Fetus

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Weeks 26-30   Third Trimester      


My lungs are completing their formation so it is now probable for me to survive outside the womb with medical help. I make breathing movements even though there is no air in my lungs.

Retinal development is complete and nerve fibers to the eyelids will now allow my eyes to partially open.  Practicing opening and closing my eyes will help me perfect my blinking reflex and protect my eyes when I am born. Tears can also form in them now.

My skin is still red and wrinkled but is beginning to build up fat for body heat. I am gaining a lot of weight!  My face is getting cuter as it fills out. I am also building up protein for muscles and calcium for bones. I sleep for longer periods of time, usually when mommy does.

I am perfecting sucking, swallowing, yawning and grasping so that I can survive outside the womb. My brain is dramatically developing. It is pretty powerful and can control my breathing and body temperature.  An insulation type substance called Myelin now coats my nerves and allows signals to move much more rapidly.

Nerve endings in my mouth are developing to prepare me for nursing. I have my sense of taste and smell.

I am hearing even better now and my pulse quickens when I hear something.  I particularly like classical music and may even move in rhythm to music.

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